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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Uncle Andrew's Gone/Ed's Here

Not sure if I mentioned it but Uncle Andrew was here (from Friday until Tuesday) and now he's gone. We had a busy visit (very unusual for us, definitely had something to do with the kids). No pictures to prove it so you'll just have to believe me.

Also, not sure if I mentioned that Ed was gone (to Rochester from Sunday to Wednesday on business) and now he's back. No pictures to prove that he wasn't here so you'll just have to believe me.

New Feature: Email Subscription

As you may have noticed, I've been making some changes to the blog; the design, (LinkWithin) post icons at the bottom of each post and now this, Email Subscription.

My fellow BLM, Franchesca over at Small Bird Studios (a blog that I follow) is running a series titled "Things that will make your blog AWESOME" and I've been implementing some of her ideas. Franchesca is an amazing graphic designer who shares all of these ideas for free. She does tons more stuff so check her out!

I thought that email subscription would be a great way for some of you to stay in touch but not have to remember to go to the website (hey, we all get busy). If it doesn't work for you or you just like it the way it is, don't subscribe and just keep doing what you're doing.

If you're interested, in the right hand column (underneath Artemis' picture), enter your email address in the "Follow by Email" box and click "Submit". You will be required to enter random letters (to ensure that you're not a computer program) and then a confirmation email will be sent to the email account that you entered. Go to the email, click the link provided and you're all set-up. You will now receive an email when I post to the blog.

Note #1. Your email address will not be shared with anyone.
Note #2. If you don't want to receive the emails any longer, select the "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of the email and that's it. Seriously, it's that simple. You and your email address will not be taken hostage.
Note #3. The email displays a generic version of my post. It does not take you to the ACTUAL web site. If you want to see that, you can select the title link. Or, just go to the website via your bookmark (because we all know that you have it bookmarked!).
Note #4. Remember, you can always subscribe, see what it looks like and then unsubscribe if you don't like it. Either way, it doesn't matter to me.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Kids Turn 19-Months Old, Nipissing Update.

Nipissing District Development Checklist 18 Months On July 11, the kids turned 19 months old so we headed to the doctor for their 18-month check-up (we're a bit behind schedule).

It's been 14 weeks since their last doctors' appointment (April 15). Thankfully, they got some shots a clean bill of health and did splendidly on their Nipissing Developmental Checklist for 18 Months.
Click on the picture to make it larger.

For the first time ever, I didn't have one thing to talk to the doctor about.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

So Cute I Just Had to Post

For the past few nights, the kids have been giving me kisses before bed. They even take out their soothers (and that's saying a lot!).

Sweet Dreams.

Welcome to the Family!

Max and Artemis spent the large majority of today "Parallel Playing" with various different toys (Note that no one was injured while having to share their toy, read: Artemis didn't bite Max) and running around with boxes on their heads (It's the latest craze).

After spending two and a half weeks fishing, The Sheriff is home, safe and sound.

On Saturday, my cousin Jon and his wife Carrie had a beautiful little girl, Lauren. We can't wait to meet her. Welcome to the Family!

Uncle Andrew is coming for a four-night visit (starting Friday) and Ed leaves for Rochester (on business) on Sunday (for three nights).

For those of you that were asking, Reina's knee is healing. She still limps sometimes (after she's been still for a while) and this Thursday marks eight weeks since her surgery. That means that we can (re)introduce exercise (and do Ed and I ever need it). She should be back to (her new) normal within six months (by the end of November).

Friday, July 15, 2011

Visitors make for Never a Dull Moment at The Zoo

Warning: Picture Overload

On Monday we went to the Five Star for lunch.

Both kids are signing for "Please" and "Thank You" (most of the time). Although they’re both using the sign "Thank You" even for "Please". Regardless, they are starting to understand that you have to need to do something to get something.

Artemis has been doing (learning) a new puzzle almost every day. She is very patient and when we mix the pieces of three puzzles together, she recognizes that they are from different ones. Max isn't really interested in the puzzles and gets frustrated when they don't fit (anywhere and everywhere). Instead, he spends his days throwing and kicking balls.

On Tuesday, we went to playgroup. The kids are so excited for their summer vacation that they've taken to wearing lifejackets around the house (note that the one that Artemis is wearing is too big for her and is not the one she will actually wear).

The garden is really coming along. We have radishes, lettuce, zucchini, cucumber, spinach, green beans, and beets. Unfortunately, the spinach has gone to seed (frown). I need to take a picture.

On Wednesday, Ed installed the kids Growth Chart. Max is 31" and Artemis is 30". I am looking forward to their 18 month check-up next Friday (even though they will be over 19 months old).

On Thursday, we headed into Ottawa for dinner (at a Chinese Restaurant) with the Abuelo's, Tia Ilka and Marcella. Ilka and Abuela bought the kids tons of new dressy and casual clothes. I can't wait to get Max into his new pin striped suit (with adorable tie) and Artemis into one of her two dresses with crinoline. She'll make a beautiful princess.

On Friday, we headed to "Playgroup in the Park" where the kids enjoyed playing in the sand box and water table. Afterwards, we went to Broadway's for lunch. The kids were exhausted and they missed their morning nap but were still in great moods. They slept for three hours in the afternoon.

Max got a helium balloon at the park and you couldn't take it away from him. We tied it to his shorts and it stayed there until he went to bed. They ran out of Helium so Artemis just had one filled with air. Within two minutes she had bitten it and that was that. We spent the entire day taking Max's away from her (as she was also trying to "eat" read: ruin his).

When they woke up, we went outside to swing, play in the water table and sliding on their jungle gym (which they haven't paid much attention to until today).

Journeys of The Zoo  Besos, The Zoo

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Child Psychology 101

For Students of Child Psychology 101 this weeks assignment is "How much longer will these two be able to play together without one of them getting injured (specifically Max getting bitten, oops, too late)?"

On Saturday morning, we went to "AnimalFest" (a BBQ, petting zoo, rides, and music with all donations going to a local charity "Big Sky Ranch").

In the afternoon we played outside.

For the past few days, both of the kids have been sick (with a head cold). Ed and I have since caught the bug.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Marcella's Long Awaited Visit From South Korea.

For those of you that don't remember, Marcella has been teaching English in South Korea (Suwon) for the past two years. On July 1, she came back to Canada for good (well until she leaves for Spain in 6 weeks to teach English for another year but that's another story).

On Tuesday, Marcella came out to camp for a two-day visit (I say "camp" because Marcella considers where we live to be similar to camping, that girl cracks me up).

It's been 340 days since we last saw her (but who's counting, smile) so we had some catching up to do. "Miss Story Teller Extraordinaire" did not disappoint (she always has us "in stitches", by the way, anyone know the etymology of that saying?). Marcella is amazing with children (and some day may work in the field) and it shows. The kids loved her! Not only that, she loves animals so all of The Zoo got spoiled.

Ed and I love it when people come to visit (and Marcella is no exception) as we enjoy cooking and eating great grub. For her visit, we had a BBQ meat smorgasbord, homemade potato salad (first time ever, see, I'm "Martha" worthy), corn on the cob, oyster appetizers (Artemis ate a whole container of oysters to herself), watermelon, homemade burgers, fries with Swiss Chalet gravy (we were out of Swiss Chalet Sauce, yum!). For breakfast, Marcella made us pancakes (and she didn't even have any herself!? What an amazing guest!). We ate even more but that was some of the highlights. We watched several movies (also Marcella's specialty) and played (inside and out) with the kids. We look forward to having MID visit often (and soon, as next time she's cooking homemade Chinese food, yum!).

Here are some pictures of her visit.

We Missed You Marcella!

Besos, The Zoo

Monday, July 4, 2011

What a Busy and Beautiful Weekend!

We spent Friday afternoon playing in the kids new water table (courtesy of Aunt Ingrid). The kids loved it and were absolutely soaked. Afterwards, they rolled around in the dirt.

On Saturday we spent the day at Chuck and Michelle’s annual Canada Day weekend celebration (and Chuck’s birthday). Everyone brings tents/trailers and stays for the weekend. They had a live band, above ground pool (both of the kids went swimming and loved it), sprinklers, fireworks and tons of food. There were around 50 people there so lots of willing hands to look after the kids.

On Sunday it was hot, very hot. Like 83 degrees inside the house (with fans and the furnace fan running) hot, so we decided to have a BBQ at the St. Lawrence River (Cardinal, Ontario, 25 km from our place). We ate homemade sausages, corn on the cob, salads and watermelon. We watched people fish, scuba dive (at the wreck, Conestoga Ship, boats go by and enjoyed the lovely weather, minus the heat (the breeze off the water was amazing).

Update on Aries. As suspected, Aries has an eye infection. We have to apply topical anitbiotics for two weeks. She also scratched her cornea but that should heal on itself. After three days it is looking almost as good as new. If this healing continues, she will not need another vet visit.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Reason #325 Why I Don't Bake Cookies [Humor]

Chocolate Cookies

As you're well aware, I don't cook or bake. Partly because I don't like to and partly because I don't have any time.

Well, apparently, I DO have time on my hands because I was looking through my pictures and saw that I'd baked cookies this week. (I'd forgotten, there's a first time for everything, the baking cookies part, not the forgetting...).

As you can see, they didn't turn out so well. I'm being generous.

The good news, they tasted amazing!

This was the mix that Carrie gave us ladies as a Baby Shower gift. Thanks to The Sheriff for the vanilla and baking sheets.

Because a National Holiday is not complete without a Vet visit (seriously, it isn't), Ed will be heading to Ogdensburg this afternoon to get Aries eye checked out.

I know that you're not supposed to start a sentence with "because" but it just sounded so right and better than "since".

She had a little "altercation" with the dogs on the front porch last week. And while she was holding her own from behind the BBQ, I think she scratched her eyelid on something. Anyways, it's been pussing (sorry for the details) for a couple of days so we decided to get it checked out.

Sorry for being totally negligent in my posting obligations (seriously, how many times have I said that in the past few months, in addition, how many times have I said seriously). It's just that the kids keep me so busy. I hardly ever get any time to go on my computer. After they're in bed, we eat dinner (sometimes as late as 9-9:30pm), then I check out some blogs, read emails and I just don't have the energy to write anything that might make sense and post non-existent pictures that I didn't have any time to take. How did I do it for the past 13-months?

Tomorrow we're going to our Newfie friends "Canada Day shin-dig". It should be a blast and they know how to have a good time. Rumour has it there will be a live band, swimming in their pool and tons of kid activities (there will be alot of kids). I'll try to take some pictures and post.

We've started to let the kids into the bathroom (while accompanied) and they've taken an interest in the potty. They both want to STAND in it but we'll take it. After I posted this, I remembered that Max started to whimper after I took the picture. Note his hand...

Hope that it's a lovely day where you are. It sure is here.

After two years teaching English in South Korea, Marcella comes home tonight at 11pm. We are SO excited to see her. Unfortunately (for us), she will only be staying for eight weeks (or less) and then will be heading to Spain to teach (once again) for one year. Welcome Home MID!

Have Plans for Canada Day?